In Saint-Tropez the first LAGO Welcome

The Hotel Boutique Lion Blanc is located in the old centre of Saint-Tropez and is a typical fisherman’s dwelling dating back to the 40’s. Thanks to a project by architects Daniela Pastore and Stefania Racca, in collaboration with the LAGO STORE Roma Ripetta and wood flooring manufacturer Listone Giordano, the house has been converted into a small design hotel.
This is the first example in France of Lago Welcome, one of the LAGO formats launched at the Salone del Mobile 2014 and aimed at deploying design and the power of communication to enhance the travel experience by building a network of locations capable of arousing emotions.
In a scenario that has changed radically in recent years, in which it has become increasingly important to offer an unforgettable travel experience even when the duration of the stay is reduced to a couple of days and the methods used to select and book rooms have undergone a total metamorphosis, LAGO presents a format for hospitality establishments which contemplates a design project developed with company products and a complete communications package to enhance visibility.