Will eco halogen lamps be phased out as early as 2018?

The European Commission is about to put significant restrictions on consumer choices by banning a widely used range of lighting products. If the European Commission’s proposals are adopted, starting from 2018 consumers will no longer be able to buy any domestic “Eco” halogen lamps. Lighting Europe, the European association representing the lighting technology industry of which Assoluce is a founding member, is highly concerned about the impact this ban will have on consumers and, for this reason, is urging the European Commission to delay the ban at least until 2020, to allow for the introduction of suitable and affordable alternatives. ”This type of restriction creates negative effects especially for the end-consumer – points out Stefano Bordone, Chairman of Assoluce. – At a time of crisis and recession like this, it is necessary to delay the effective phase-out date at least until 2020, as requested by all operators in our sector, in order to avoid unnecessary extra costs for customers”. 

To start phasing out these products before 2020 will only cause confusion, expense and inconvenience to European Union consumers – states Diederik de Stoppelaar, Secretary General of Lighting Europe -. Our industry strongly supports – and has done so for years – the changeover to more energy efficient lighting solutions. However, alternative technologies now in the development phase may not be made widely available before 2018, and consumers will be the ones to lose out”.