Diesel and Foscarini reconfirm their partnership

“When we launched the project six years ago – declares Renzo Rosso, chairman and founder of Diesel – the idea of applying our style to a specialized area such as lighting technology seemed unbelievable. We gave it all the enthusiasm we could muster and found a partner of great expertise who was able to give form to our ideas”.


“The collection continues to arouse considerable interest with constantly growing double figure sales – confirms Carlo Urbinati, chairman and co-founder of Foscarini – There is a public out there in love with the Diesel mood and desirous to have it in their homes, as well as their clothes, with products that recount its style”.

“The collection is also highly appreciated in the contract business,” Carlo Urbinati goes on to say – “where various models have become elements of great character and distinction.  This keen interest shown by trade professionals has taken us by surprise, even though it was to be imagined. So, it was only natural for us to choose to renew and re-launch our partnership with an even longer-term future commitment”. Diesel Living with Foscarini is a collection that now totals more than twenty product families of lighting fixtures, characterized by a very assertive and explicit style, some of which have already become authentic icons. The collection is further extended each year with new models inspired by the ideas of the Diesel creative team, which Foscarini transforms into perfectly functional lighting fixtures.